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Courses Tutored and Times


Please search our schedule below to find a time when tutors are available to assist with your course at one of our locations.

Center Descriptions:

ECF102: Engineering Tutoring Center @ ECF (This Center does not tutor CSE/CPI/GIT courses) (When ECG104 is open, the courses tutored in ECG104 are not tutored in ECF102)

ECG104: Engineering Tutoring Center @ ECG (This Center tutors ONLY the following courses: CHM114, MAT171/265/266/267/275, PHY 111, PHY 121/122, PHY 131/132, EEE120, EEE202, IEE, MAE215, MATLAB, MSE250, BIO181/182, FSE100)

CTRPT114: CIDSE Tutoring Center (This Center tutors ONLY CS, CSE, CPI, GIT, and some IFT, SER and MAT courses)

Virtual Tutoring: FSE Virtual Tutoring Programs (All courses tutored in-person, can also be tutored virtually)

Note: To view the schedule, you must be on the ASU network–either using ASU WiFi or using VPN from an off-campus location.