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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Tutoring Centers

Courses Tutored and Times


Center Descriptions:

ECG104: Engineering Tutoring Center @ ECG (This center is primarily for 100 and 200 level Engineering courses)

ECF102: Engineering Tutoring Center @ ECF (This center is primarily for 300 and 400 level Engineering courses)

CTRPT114: CIDSE Tutoring Center (This center ONLY tutors CS, CSE, and some IFT, SER and MAT courses)

Virtual Tutoring: FSE Virtual Tutoring Programs (Courses tutored in-person, can also be tutored virtually)

Poly Tutoring: Poly Fulton students are encouraged to visit the UASP Tutoring Center for in-person tutoring, in addition to FSE Virtual Tutoring.