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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Tutoring Centers

Our Main tutoring center located in ECF 102 offers students tutoring in Physics, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, and Civil Engineering coursework.

The Room: Our tutoring center offers students 16 tables with plenty of power outlets, whiteboards, and markers! The environment is set up for students to work on their assignments and ask questions as they encounter them. No appointments necessary!

Tutoring Center

How Our Tutoring Works: ¬†We generally keep a staff of 6-8 tutors working at all times during our operating hours. Of these we mix and match skills and abilities from all engineering majors to ensure we always have tutors capable of answering any question students have! After signing in with their 10 digit ASU ID students may sit anywhere and work on their assignments. To get a question answered Paper Towers labeled “Help” are placed at each table. When a student has a question they simply stand the tower up and a tutor will rush over to help!

Note: The tutoring center can sometimes be very busy, we ask that all students please be patient as we do our best to meet every students needs in a quick and satisfactory manner.

Tutoring Center Rules:

  • We will NOT help students cheat on homework or exams by supplying answers.
  • Please attempt to read or work on material prior to asking a question. We will be happy to work on a problem from start to finish and lecture material however it is to the students benefit to engage and make an effort.