FE and PE exam information sessions


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Supported by the FSE Tutoring Centers,  these sessions held during the fall and spring semesters aim to assist students in their written and oral presentation skills. Pre-registration for these sessions is not required.

These sessions will answer your questions regarding the engineering licensure process, such as:

  • What are the FE and PE Exams?
  • Do I need to take the FE or PE Exam?
  • Where can I take these exams?
  • How should I prepare for the exams?

Pre-registration for this exam is not required. This session is for students of all FSE engineering disciplines.

For detailed information regarding the FE or PE Exam, visit the NCEES website.  Information provided includes:

Licensure in the U.S. is regulated by the states. To find information specific to your state’s policies, you will need to contact your state’s licensing board.  The Arizona State Board of Technical Registration website is www.btr.az.gov.

When should I Take the FE Exam? 

We recommend taking the FE Exam during your final semester of your undergraduate program or within a year of graduating from your undergraduate program. This exam is comprised of fundamentals of engineering that you will have learned throughout your coursework, and to be prepared for the exam you will want to make sure you have completed the majority of your fundamental undergraduate coursework first. We also suggest planning to take the exam at least a month before you plan to attend the FSE Career Fair, as you will want to include that you passed the exam on your resume.

What resources can I use during the FE Exam?

Besides specific calculators (review the NCEES Calculator Policy), the only resource allowed in the exam is the FE Reference Handbook, which is provided in a searchable PDF document to you by the NCEES during the exam. It is highly recommended that you download the FE Reference Manual from the NCEES ahead of time, in an effort to become familiar with the material before you take your exam. To download this handbook, visit ncees.org/FEref. NOTE: Students must register individually to receive their own copy of the reference handbook.