FSETC Policies

Remember, we are drop-in centers that assist students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Check our calendar: Our centers are closed on all major holidays, some weekends, during school breaks and the Fulton Schools Career Fair. There are also days we may close early for meetings, trainings, and Fulton Schools events. Make sure to check our calendar monthly to schedule your visits accordingly.

Check our schedule: With the numerous courses offered in the Fulton Schools, we are not able to have tutors staffed for every course at all times. Check our schedule before coming in to make sure there will be a tutor available to help you with your course.

Attend class: The tutors are not ASU faculty, and their role is not to replace faculty/class time but to support it and clarify any concepts or assignments you did not understand or find challenging. It is important that you attend class and take notes, as many ASU faculty highlight processes and methods they want to see you using in your assignments, and you may miss these instructions or assignment clues if you skip class.

Bring your class notes: Additional examples and information provided in class that are not provided in the textbook can assist tutors in supporting you.

We will not do your work for you. The role of the tutors is not to do your assignments for you nor is it to walk you through each step of the assignment. Students are expected to be actively involved in the tutoring process, and need to be the one doing the assignment or project. Additionally, if you are working on a web or computer-based assignment, in order to avoid AIP violations, each student receiving tutoring assistance needs to be working on their own computer (this is at the request of FSE faculty, staff, and the tutoring centers). We have laptops and computers available in our centers for students to use if needed.

Be ready with your questions when you come to the center: When seeking help from the tutors, it is important that you have clearly defined questions for them to be able to understand what you need help with.

Attempt the assignment before asking for assistance: One of the most effective ways to learn is through attempting the problems and assignments yourself. Mistakes can be used as learning opportunities to highlight concepts that are unclear, so attempting the problem yourself will help you and the tutors know what areas you need assistance in.

Find other students in the center who are studying for the same course: Working together to clarify concepts and assignments is an effective way to facilitate your own learning. Additionally, this will make it more efficient for the tutors to assist all of the students who have similar questions. *Make sure that if you are working on an assignment or project with others that your faculty member allows collaboration (otherwise you could be violating AIP).

Check out our list of Review Sessions: Throughout the semester and before Finals Week our tutors may offer review sessions for a variety of courses. The tutors work with Fulton faculty to determine which concepts need to be addressed in these sessions, as they pertain to assignments and exams.

Make a habit: Come in at least once a week to work on assignments or get assistance, and get to know the tutoring staff. They have taken the classes you are taking, and are great resources for how to be successful in the Fulton Schools.

Failure to follow FSE Tutoring Center, ASU, and/or Fulton Schools policies: As ASU and Fulton Schools facilities, the FSE Tutoring Centers support compliance with ASU’s Academic Integrity Policy (AIP) and the Fulton Schools’ Fulton Honor Code. Violations of either policy in the FSE Tutoring Centers will be reported to ASU and Fulton Schools faculty and staff. Please review the AIP and Fulton Honor Code to ensure that you are in compliance with all of our policies. Failure to follow any of these policies may lead to students not receiving tutoring support or being asked to leave the Tutoring Centers.

Contact us! Do you have a course you think we should tutor in? A recommendation for a tutor you think we should hire? A review session you want us to host? Email your suggestions and requests to [email protected].