SCAI Tutoring Center

Centerpoint Building A, Room 114

Located in Centerpoint Building A on 6th Street & Mill Ave in room 114, this Center offers tutoring in many different programming languages, and CSE courses in addition to other coursework relevant to the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence.

Throughout the semester our tutors will host Review Sessions and Workshops to better assist students in preparing for exams and working on projects.

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Visit us in ECF 102 week nights after 7pm and weekends in ECG 104 for SCAI Tutoring

Centerpoint building

Centerpoint Building

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Fall and Spring Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 9am-7pm

Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday-Sunday: Please visit our Virtual Tutoring page or ECG 104 location

“I am taking this opportunity to give an outstanding review to a tutor who has recently demystified the stress of CSE 100. I am a full-time online transfer student, and this in my first semester online in the Engineering Management program with ASU. Months of anguish and the stress … wore my attitude and confidence down to the point where I thought I might never learn JAVA at all. That all changed the other evening with the help of this Tutor. I have yet to meet anyone as compassionate or patient in verbal instruction as this Tutor. Hearing him verbally reason through designing and identifying the steps in an algorithm was exactly what I needed to hear to eliminate my own mistakes. There are many teachers in life but the ones we remember best are the ones who helped us when we felt hopeless. Thank you to this Tutor and thank you to ASU for giving me the opportunity to feel empowered. I still have much to learn but finally, I feel like I have a shot at success.”