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Fulton Schools Virtual Tutoring

Our virtual tutoring is available for FREE to all Fulton Schools of Engineering students in various undergraduate level coursework. The virtual classrooms are set up as drop-in rooms in Adobe Connect, and students are helped on a first-come, first-served basis. Virtual tutoring is accessible during normal operating hours of our campus centers and is based on Arizona time.

How to find a session

Please search our schedule to find a time when tutors are scheduled to assist with your course. To view the schedule, you must be on the ASU network–either using ASU WiFi or using VPN from an off-campus location.

How to join a session

Access to our virtual tutoring classrooms is available through our student app. While most of the features in our student app are able to be used on mobile devices and tablets, for virtual tutoring you will need to access the app on your laptop or personal computer. Also, please use Chrome, Firefox, or IE/Edge. We have noticed that Adobe Connect does not always play nicely with the Safari browser.

If you have not used this app before, you will be required to register an account first. Just open the app from the link above, enter your ASURITE ID and click Sign In. If the system finds that you do not already have an account, it will automatically start the registration for you (NOTE: You must be connected to ASU’s campus network or VPN to access the link).

When registering your account, remember that ASU uses TWO forms of student identification, ASURITE ID and Student ID. The Student ID is your 10-digit number beginning with a 1. The ASURITE ID is the first part of your default ASU email address. For example, if your ASU email address is, then sundevil3 is the ASURITE ID. Be sure to enter these bits of information carefully when prompted, as it can take some time to correct mistakes. Please bookmark the student app in your browser so that you can return easily in the future.

Once you have registered and validated your account, simply sign in with your ASURITE ID, and select “I want to connect with an online tutor” from the app menu.


Want to know who your tutors are? Learn about our staff

For ASU Online students, additional tutoring is available through Smarthinking.

If you are having difficulty connecting to a classroom, visit


Our virtual tutoring program primarily supports ASU Online students majoring in the Fulton Schools, however, virtual tutoring is now available to all Fulton Schools students based on courses offered and tutor availability.

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Hours: Open anytime centers are open (Arizona time)