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FSE Tutoring Center @ Poly

FSE Tutoring Center @ Poly is coming!

In the mean time, try our virtual tutoring.

Courses covered by Poly tutoring

Once established, we will offer tutoring in the following courses based on staff availability:

CSE 110
SE 205
CSE 230
CSE 240
SER 232
SER 321
SER 215
SER 216
IEE 380
MAT 243
GIT 215
GIT 417

Need help in another Class?

For assistance in MAT, PHY, CHM, BIO, and EGR courses, contact the University Academic Success Programs (UASP) at

Can’t make it in person? Try our Virtual tutoring!

Virtual tutoring is available from 9:00am to 9:00pm (Arizona time). FSE Polytechnic students will be able to access tutoring resources for all courses tutored in the Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers whenever they are open.

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We need tutors!

If you are interested in a position as a Fulton Schools Tutor on the Polytechnic Campus, positions are still available. Submit an application today!


To be announced

FSE Tutoring Center @ Poly



Our online tutoring program primarily supports ASU Online students majoring in the Fulton Schools. Online tutoring is now available to all Fulton Schools students (courses offered depend upon student request and tutor capability).

Location: Try Virtual Tutoring

Hours: Open anytime centers are open