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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Tutoring Centers

MATLAB Sessions

Throughout the semester our tutors may host MATLAB Sessions at the request of faculty to better assist students in utilizing MATLAB. These sessions are focused on overall MATLAB concepts and will not spend time going over specific assignments. For review sessions that cover assignments or courses that use MATLAB, attend an ECF/ECG Review Sessions.

What to bring to a MATLAB Review Session:

  • Your laptop (There will be a few laptops available for check-out and a few desktops available if needed.)
  • Any questions that you have regarding MATLAB

MATLAB session topics

Getting Started: How to set-up MATLAB on your laptop

Beginner: Mcode, functions, “for loops,” “if statements.”

Advanced: linear & non-linear equations, elgen values, curve fitting, advanced plotting toolboxes


Getting Started: TBD

Beginner: TDB

Advanced: TBD



MATLAB sessions will be held in the Engineering Tutoring Center @ ECG (Engineering Center G-Wing, Rm. 104).

Engineering Center G-wing

Room TBD