Success Nights

Take advantage of this student-led “drop-in” tutoring program, offering academic support and homework assistance to students in key first and second year Fulton Schools of Engineering courses. Students are able to work directly with other Fulton students in small groups to learn how to improve study skills, understand course material, and receive additional support in their classes. Courses vary, but typically include;

CHM 114

CSE 110, CSE 120, CSE 205

EEE 120, EEE 202

MAT 171, MAT 242, MAT 265, MAT 266, MAT 267, MAT 275

PHY 121

Sunday nights are located in the Tooker House breezeway – Tooker e-Space 101 and 102 are accessible to all students.

Monday – Thursday nights are located in Engineering G-wing in room 104, adjacent to Palm Walk and the Dean’s Patio.

“When I was a Success Nights tutor, the biggest success I saw was when students would come in and work together under the guidance of tutors. one semester, we had a group of students that would come in almost every day to work on their physics homework. They worked together to help everyone in the group understand how to solve the homework problems and would ask tutors for help when necessary. It was really awesome to see those students take responsibility for their learning while still seeking help and supporting each other.”

Drop-in Tutoring and Studying

Students can participate in drop-in tutoring and studying with us during the following hours, excluding university holidays;

Tooker House 102D – Sunday: 4pm – 9pm 

ECG 104 – Monday – Thursday: 6pm – 9pm 

Review Sessions

This fall, we will be offering review sessions Monday – Wednesdays.. Workshops will be held both in-person and online from 6:00pm – 7pm. View our calendar of events to see which what we will be reviewing each Wednesday.